Best Car Seats For Dogs

Best Car Seats For Dogs Dog In A Car

What’s the solution? A car seat, of course.

There are many different types of car seats for dogs on the market, from harness styles to dog carriers to luxury dog beds. And the best option will depend on your dog and the size of your car. As well as your budget.

To find out more, let’s take a look at why you need a car seat for your dog, how to choose a car seat and an overview of some of the best car seats for dogs to buy.

Why do dogs need a car seat?

First, the main reason for investing in a car seat for your dog is safety.

Having a car seat stops a dog from moving around the car and causing distractions while you’re driving. It can also help to protect your pet in the event of an accident.

In fact, this issue is so important that in the US there is even a National Pet Travel Safety Day to highlight the dangers of having unsecured pets in a car.

Second, from a comfort perspective, investing in a car seat can help your dog to become more relaxed when travelling in a car. Especially during long trips.

In a nutshell, travelling in a car with a dog is like travelling with a child. You have to make sure they are calm and safe. For your sake, and theirs.

That’s why if you want to travel in a car with your dog, you need to invest in a car seat.

How to choose the best car seat for dogs

The following questions will help you to understand what type of car seat you need to suit your car and your dog.

  • What type of car do you have? Is it big or small? Does it have a large boot? Do the seats have headrests? The product you buy has to be compatible with your car. So check the instructions before making a purchase.
  • What breed of dog do you have? Does your dog have long hair? Is your dog heavy? Weight is an important safety factor when it comes to choosing a car seat. And the size of your dog will influence your choice of car seat.
  • Do you like your car to be clean? Does your dog like to jump in puddles and lakes? If your dog likes to get dirty, then consider a car seat that can be easily cleaned, which will help to protect the interior of your car at the same time.
  • Is the car seat easy-to-use? Will it be permanently fixed in position? Or will it have to be removed sometimes for people to fit in the car? Choosing an easy-to-use model can save a lot of time and frustration in the future.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the best car seats for dogs on the market right now.

Sleepypod Clickit Sport Dog Harness

This product by Sleepypod is a crash-tested dog harness, which means the Center for Pet Safety has certified it as safe for dogs up to 90 lbs (approximately 40kg). It works by distributing the force through the torso, while keeping the dog in place through the seat belt connection.

However, this harness is not suitable for all breeds, like Greyhounds and Whippets. If you have any concerns, the best approach is to contact the manufacturer before purchasing.

Devoted Doggy Booster Car Seat

The Devoted Doggy booster car seat is an affordable option for small dogs that like to be comfortable when travelling in a car.

This car seat is especially suitable for puppies or dogs up to 15 lbs (just under 9kg). It has a soft, fleece lining, a clip-on safety leash and a zipper storage pocket. Not only does this car seat keep your dog safe, but it also provides a boost to help them see out of the windows during the drive.

As an added bonus, the liner can be removed and washed. So, if your pup decides to roll around in the mud during a walk, the interior of your car will be protected on the drive home.

Snoozer Luxury Lookout II Dog Car Seat

This luxury car seat by Snoozer has a microsuede cover and is hand sown in America. As a result, it’s not the cheapest product on the market. But for people that like to treat their pooch, the price tag shouldn’t be a problem.

The storage compartment under the cushion means the seat is raised, allowing the dog to see out of the window (hence the “Lookout” in the name). And for safety it comes with a connection strap for the seat belt to connect to the harness.

When it comes to comfort, the name says it all. This is a luxury car seat that is perfect for any pampered pooch out there.

Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Hose-off Hammock Seat Protector

For large dogs, a hammock-style car seat is often the best option. Why? Because it protects your car and provides enough space for your dog to spread out.

This particular model by Orvis covers the entire back seat of a car by attaching to the headrests. This keeps your dog in the back of the vehicle and stops him or her from distracting you while you’re driving. There are also slits in the design so that you can attach a harness to the seat belt for extra safety.

Plus, if the hammock seat gets dirty, simply remove it from the car and hose it off. Job done.

Gunner G1 Large Dog Kennel

If you have a large boot in your car, and a large dog, then a dog crate could be useful for travel. But only if your dog is comfortable with spending time in a crate. Otherwise it could cause anxiety and create a fear of travelling in the car.

The Gunner G1 Large Dog Kennel offers a lot of protection for your dog. Especially in the event of a collision. In fact, it can withstand over 4,000 pounds of force and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The downside? The high level of safety comes with a high price tag. For dog owners that travel long distances in their car with their BFF, the investment could be worth it though.

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