What Supplies Do You Need For A Puppy?

What supplies do you need for a puppy

Preparing to welcome a new puppy to your home is a bit like getting ready for a baby. There are certain supplies that you need to make sure the puppy can be properly cared for.

We explore all the essential supplies you will need for your new puppy in this post and give you some pointers on where to get the best supplies for your new family member.

So what supplies do you need for a puppy?

A good starting point is to think about what a puppy needs to survive. At a basic level, it needs healthy food, freshwater, exercise and a cosy place to sleep. That should give a good idea about some of the essential supplies you need.

Then, you need to think about the climate where you live. Does the winter get very cold? Will the puppy need some protection from the elements?

What about grooming? How will you keep the dog clean and healthy?

And what about your home? The last thing you want is for the little pup to chew its way through your shoes and furniture. How will you protect it?

Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of the key supplies you need for a puppy. That way, you’ll be ready for when your little pooch arrives at its new home.

Everyday puppy essentials

First things first. Let’s start with food and water.

Just like humans need plates and cups at meal times, dogs need bowls to eat and drink out of. Instead of eating at the table though (like us), they tend to eat off the floor. That means you’ll need a non-slip mat that can be easily cleaned and two bowls – one for food and one for water.

It’s recommended to use stainless steel bowls. Not only are they rust proof, but they’re also easy to clean. And it’s a good idea to choose a mat that can be easily wiped down. Some dogs can be messy eaters and drinkers.

Next, your little pup will need a comfortable place to sleep.

There are so many bedding options out there for dogs. From raised beds to ultra-fluffy cushions. But remember that even though your puppy may be small right now, it will grow into a full-size dog.

So, depending on the breed, you will need a bed that has enough space for him or her to grow into it. Otherwise, you’ll be heading back to the pet store within a couple of months to buy new bedding.

And when puppies aren’t sleeping, they like to play. That means you’ll need some toys.

Not only does playing keep them entertained, but it also distracts them from other things they can chew. Like shoes and furniture. Plus, playing with toys is good exercise for their jaws.

Grooming tools for puppies

Your little puppy will need to be well taken care of as it grows into a big dog. For that you’ll need some grooming supplies.

Using a brush on your dog’s hair is an important part of puppy care. Especially when they’re moulting, or you have a breed with long hair. Plus, most dogs love it for the relaxing massaging effect it has.

For short-haired dogs, a rubber toothed brush or short bristle brush should do the trick. For dogs with longer hair, you might need a brush with longer bristles. Long-haired dogs will have to be brushed daily to avoid tangles, and even trimmed regularly.

Dog’s nails also need to be trimmed on a regular basis. You can either do it yourself or take your dog to a professional trimmer. Keep in mind that this is an important job to stop nail overgrowth or breakage that can cause pain for the doggo.

If you decide to do it yourself, you will need a good pair of dog nail clippers. Again, like the food and water bowls, stainless steel is recommended for the material.

This five in one Brush And Nail combo set is the perfect all in one starter kit

Next, it’s shampoo.

A general rule is that dogs only need to be washed with shampoo every few months. Unless they get particularly dirty on a walk or decide to roll in something foul (yes, sometimes this happens).

When you do give your puppy a bath, just be sure to use special dog shampoo. Puppies, and grown dogs, can have sensitive skin, so take care with the products you use.

The same applies to toothpaste. There are plenty of special dog-friendly products available. And taking good care of your pooch’s mouth will help to prevent gum disease and other health conditions in the future.

Puppy apparel

When we talk about puppy supplies, it’s usually on a practical level. But style is also important.

One such item of puppy apparel that shouldn’t be overlooked is a collar.

A dog collar allows you to attach a lead for walks and fix an identity disk in case the puppy decides to go on a solo adventure and gets lost. Plus, a collar can be customised with different colours and designs to add a personal touch.

When shopping for a collar, don’t forget that the puppy will grow, so choose a style that can be adjusted. And make sure you can fit two fingers under the collar. You don’t want it to be too loose or too tight.

If you live in a place with long winters you might want to think about cold weather gear. Dogs might be covered in hair, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get cold. Especially when the temperature really drops down.

Thankfully, puppy clothing is a real thing and you can get your pooch kitted out with a fitted dog coat or jumper to keep the chill at bay.

Puppies on the move

Walking is a big part of having a dog. And unless you have acres of your own land, you will probably need a lead.

You might need to try a few different types of lead before finding one that works for you and your pup. Some leads can hurt the hands when dogs pull, whereas others might be too short for the dog.

Something else to consider is an anti-pulling aid. With most dogs, they can be trained not to pull, but if it becomes a problem, then maybe a harness could help. As long as it doesn’t pinch the skin or pull the hair.

And finally, your new puppy will undoubtedly become your new BFF. That means you’ll want to take it everywhere. Even on road trips.

For that, you’ll need a car seat harness to keep the dog strapped in and both of you safe while the car is in motion. Alternatively, you could try a car cage, but some dogs become anxious in enclosed spaces.

As you can see, there is more to getting a puppy than simply bringing it home and giving it lots of cuddles. Although that’s a big part of it.

With some careful planning and preparation though, you can be ready with everything you need to give the little pup a healthy and safe home.

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Hayley Maguire

Hayley Maguire

Hayley Maguire is the chief author and content curator at Puppy Care Central. A dog lover herself, Hayley is passionate and dedicated to bringing you all the latest quality, helpful information available to support you on your puppy journey. Her focus is to make sure your furry family member gets the best start in life possible.
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