Best Puppy Names For White Dogs

puppy names for white dogs

Got a new white puppy but struggling to decide on a name? Join the club.

Becoming a puppy owner is fun but choosing a name can be tough. Especially when there are so many options out there for white dogs.

That’s why we have compiled this resource of puppy names for white dogs. If you’re looking for the right name for your new white puppy this is a great place to start?

Dogs, like humans, come in all different shapes and sizes, from small and cute to big and cuddly. Let’s use this as a starting point for inspiration.

For example, names like Cotton or Daisy work well for small fluffy white dogs. Or you could go for the comedy route with a name like Tofu.

For big and cuddly white dogs, think about names like Bear or Grizzly. You could even choose something less obvious, like Berg (short for iceberg).

Just like dogs come in different shapes and sizes, they all have unique personalities too.

Some dogs are cheeky and full of energy. Whereas others are calm and slow. This can be another source of inspiration when choosing a name for your puppy.

It’s a lot to take in but fear not. You don’t have to make this decision alone.

We’ve compiled a list of the top puppy names for white dogs to help make the decision process a little bit easier for you.

Keep reading for some great ideas for naming your new BFF.

Small white dog names

Daisy – daisies are small and cute, just like your little puppy.

Dove – a dove is the symbol of love and peace, which is perfect for a white pup.

Pearl – name your dog after something small and precious.

Snowflake – great for small dogs in colder climates.

Sugar – for sweet, little white pooches.

Crystal – crystal never goes out of style.

Halo – halo’s are small, like your white puppy.

Opal – a gemstone is great inspiration for a small dog.

Fluffy white dog names

Cotton – it’s white and fluffy, it couldn’t make more sense.

Misty – to add a little bit of mystery to your pooch.

Cloud – your new white puppy will put you on cloud nine.

Fluffy – like Cotton, the name just makes sense.

Smoky – an edgy alternative to Misty.

Snowy – perfect for a dog in the mountains.

Ash – it has a fluffy appearance and it’s usually white.

Big white dog names

Bear – because bears are big, like your dog.

Grizzly – good for dogs that look scary but are actually big softies.

Luna – this means ‘moon’ in Spanish and Italian.

Alaska – a big US state that is often covered in snow.

Avalanche – avalanches have lots of power, like your big white dog.

Polar – like the polar north in the Arctic.

Berg – as in iceberg.

The Wizard – inspired by the white fur.

Cute puppy names for white dogs

Angel – who can say no to a little white angel?

Lily – taken from the beautiful flower.

Bianco – Italian for white, which just sounds better.

Fairy – fairies are cute, like your puppy.

Coco – from the coconut.

Snoopy – inspired by the cute Beagle cartoon character.

Funny white dog names

Milky – milk is a household favourite, which is what your new white puppy will become.

Foamy – like the white foam on top of a beer.

Caspar – as in Caspar the Friendly Ghost.

Jack Frost – from the Rise of the Guardians film character that represents winter.

Marshmallow – a great name for a dog with a big heart.

Mayo – taken from mayonnaise, which is smooth and cool.

Tofu – it’s small and white with a little bit of bite.

Mr White – inspired by the character in Reservoir Dogs.

Golf ball – if your dog is small and white, then this name could be the perfect fit.

White Dog Names Image

Choosing a dog name

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a beautiful thing. It’s a time of excitement and adventure, as well as an important moment for families.

That’s why choosing a name for a new puppy is a big deal. A name is something that will stick around for a long time, so both you and the dog has to love it.

When naming a white dog, there are so many options, as we’ve seen from the list above. But here are a few extra tips to help you choose a name that will stand the test of time.

While going for a comedy name can be fun right now, will it still be funny in a few years’ time? You don’t want to end up embarrassed by your dog’s name every time you go out for a walk. And remember, you will have to train the puppy with the name.

Dog experts also recommend choosing two-syllable names, like Lily or Luna. Two-syllable names are easy to say and nice to hear. Plus, you can convey more emotion, which means your dog will know when he or she has been good or bad.

So, have some fun with puppy names for white dogs, but also think long-term before making a final decision.

Still having trouble making a decision? Check out the Ultimate Guide to Puppy Names for some extra inspiration.

For even more inspiration check out our Pinterest board as a further great resource of puppy names for white dogs.

Hayley Maguire

Hayley Maguire

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